What To Expect

Welcome to my little residence in the digital stratosphere

I’m glad you stopped by!

Here at Providential Roads, you will hear from me on the extraordinary encounters I come across in life. (I hope to hear from you as well!) Through these encounters with people, places, and things I am learning more about myself and the world around me. You see, I’m a student of life and many times my curiosity leads me off the beaten path to explore the shining objects in the distance. This takes a practical light through conversations with complete strangers, traveling to new places (yielding new perspectives), and other such encounters. I receive inspiration from the unseen and the providential.

And on this road of life there are potholes and unexpected twists. Sometimes I fall down but I am blessed to be surrounded by incredible people that help me back up and spur me on. I’m a firm believer in community and find myself being sharpened in the process.

(Proverbs 27:17)

I’ve recently discovered a big piece of my calling in life and that’s using my words to positively influence and inspire those that God places in my path. I get to practice this calling every day of my life as I meet new people and put the pen to the page.

Everyday yields new opportunities to impact others and be impacted myself.

In the midst of this crazy world, my aim is to be a light and a source of motivation for people and this blog is a great platform to do just that. Specifically, you can expect to find my thoughts on books, stories of providential encounters, and insights for daily living (with lots of fun mixed throughout!)

May God bless you on the path you’re walking today and give you peace for the mystery of tomorrow


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